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EBAS I/O- reading/writing NASA-Ames 1001

Note: At the moment, the EBAS data submission tool is mainly targeted for data level 2 submissions. Not all level 0 and level 1 formats are supported yet, but we constantly work on improving this. Currently supported level 0 formats: dmps/smps, cpc, nephelometer, NOx, meteorology, NMHC, OVOC, CCNC and DMPS-CCNC.

Please note, that after submitting, the file will go through a manual QA and data curation workflow at NILU. Therefore it will take time before the actual data is available in EBAS.

If you experience problems with missing vocabulary (like for example instrument type, instrument manufacturer, instrument model, standard method, inlet type, QA measure ID, ...), please contact the EBAS-team. We are constantly working on keeping the list of valid values up to date.

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